Pink Valentino Bag

Hello little birds!

I ADDED ANOTHER JEWEL TO MY COLLECTION! This Valentino bag! I don’t think it is available in this pink anymore and I LOVE that because I will not see it everywhere this season! I am so happy these colors are so trendy right now, I have loads of items in them!

Valentino Bag

Since they launched the Rockstuds trend, I have been a big fan of Valentino accessories. I think Valentino’s has been one of the greatest reinventions we have seen in fashion in the last years and they managed to do it without loosing their character and personality. Great job from Pier Paolo Piccioli and Alessandra Facchinetti (currently Creative Director of Dior).

Do you remember that Zara blue coat that I showed you a couple of months ago?! As I predicted I have not stopped wearing it since the weather got better, Zara really knows how to do it sometimes! I can’t find this coat on the website anymore, but I have found a yellow one that I think might be my next purchase! I am so into these type of colors this season! Check it out here and let me know what you think!

The rest of the outfit is also from Zara. I know guys! A lot of Zara in my outfits! But they are so good!

Lara 1

Lara 3

Lara 2

The shoes are a couple of years old, but they still look great and the metallic trend is still very much with us so what I great purchase I did!


And that is all from me for now guys! Stay tuned as I am preparing a lot of interesting content for you!

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See you soon little birds! XOXO

Lola Summer

Lara 4