Joana Almagro

Hello little birds!

This post is very special for me as I am going to write about the brand founded by my friend Joana Almagro.

Joana was born in Philippines and studied Fashion Design in Manchester Metropolitan University. Her heritage is present in her collections making them very unique and interesting to the eye.

Her last collection is super colorful, with fun shapes and prints that make it very modern and wearable. Joana creates verything in her collections, she sews everything, select the fabrics, cuts, etc. And when you make an order,  it is produced for you, everything feels very personal and couture. You guys definitely have to visit her website.

The coat I am wearing is from her last collection and it is a small example of how awesome and creative Joana’s collection is.

Joana 1 Background

Joana 2

Joana 4

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See you soon little birds! XOXO

Lola Summer

Joana 3