Dear diary: +500!

WebDear diary,

This week has been so exciting! It’s great to be off school and know that next year will be the last one before I start uni. I am taking advantage of this freedom as I know that it won’t be forever. My Instagram account went over 500 followers! OMG! I am so freaking happy and excited and grateful to all of you! Thank you! But this is just the beginning, my goal is to reach 1 million! Let’s do something, when I reach 1 million followers I will do a very special photo shoot with very little clothes! OMG hahahaha. I hope mum doesn’t read this…


Speaking of my mother, seriously, what a week. Last Monday I asked her to let me do some hyaluronic acid injections in my lips. Have you freaking seen Kylie Jenner? SHE LOOKS AMAZING! Well, mum went completely crazy. But whatever, when I turn 18 that is the first thing I will do, and she can try to stop me. She didn’t let it go for the whole week, even this morning she was talking to me about how looks are not so important and how intelligence is what will get me far… and I agree but I rather get far looking good.

On Wednesday I wore this dress by Self Portrait to a gallery with a friend and it was such a hit, the way it moves is to die for!

Self Portrait 1500

And on Friday I had a chill day reading VOGUE and hanging around the house, but we had visitors so I wore this shoes by GUCCI. The flowers are beautiful.

Reading VOGUE

Last night was the cherry on the pie! My friend and I went to a party around Westminster and this look from Fabryan totally stole the show. The girl from the house was such a hater, I don’t think she will invite me again but WHATEVER! I met this guy by the way… I will tell you more soon…


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See you soon little birds! XOXO

Lola Summer