The beginning


Hello everybody!

My name is Lola Summer and I am a Fashion Blogger (now) and Influencer (since I am 3, everybody used to wear my same brand of diaper in kindergarten, and I managed to land a contract with a very well known brand, but that is another story).

As you all can imagine, I absolutely love FASHION. Fashion is my life, I live for fashion. I eat fashion. I poo fashion.

ANYWAY, I have always been told that I should have a blog because literally EVERYBODY around me end up wearing what I am wearing and it’s not because I buy in ZARA, it’s because I am a true trendsetter.

So I bought this amazing MICHAEL KORS bag and I was like OMG look at this girls and they were like not interested so I said I am going to show it to the WORLD. So here I am girls and boys. This is the first of many posts about my life and style.

You guys can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

See you soon little birds! XOXO

Lola Summer

1-2 1500.jpg

Author: summerlola

Fashion blogger and influencer

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