Jamie Wei Huang

Again thanks to We.Ar The Walk I was able to wear this fantastic shirt/dress by Jamie Wei Huang that I paired up with my Celine bag and my new Dior sunnies.

I seriously recommend you guys to visit their websites because it feels incredible to put these designer clothes on! High quality and unique designs so close to all of us! You will never wear the same dress to an event! EVER!

DSCF1129 Lola

DSCF1048 Lola

DSCF1162 Lola.jpg

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See you soon little birds! XOXO

Lola Summer

DSCF0992 Lola

DSCF0991 Lola

Joana Almagro

Hello little birds!

This post is very special for me as I am going to write about the brand founded by my friend Joana Almagro.

Joana was born in Philippines and studied Fashion Design in Manchester Metropolitan University. Her heritage is present in her collections making them very unique and interesting to the eye.

Her last collection is super colorful, with fun shapes and prints that make it very modern and wearable. Joana creates verything in her collections, she sews everything, select the fabrics, cuts, etc. And when you make an order,  it is produced for you, everything feels very personal and couture. You guys definitely have to visit her website.

The coat I am wearing is from her last collection and it is a small example of how awesome and creative Joana’s collection is.

Joana 1 Background

Joana 2

Joana 4

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Lola Summer

Joana 3

Minnanhui via We.Ar The Walk

Hello little birds!

I am so excited to be sharing this with you guys!

A couple of months ago We.Ar The Walk contacted me to introduce their service to me and I must say it was love at first sight! In my opinion, one of the most exciting aspects of fashion is to be able to discover new designers and artists with different visions and ideas. Thanks to We.Ar The Walk I am not only able to discover them, but to WEAR THEM! Yes!

They are specialized in new emerging designers and give you the chance to wear for that special occasion, party, or just because you want to, great designs for a very small price compared to what they really cost! You will be seeing a lot of these designers in my blog from now on!

The first one I couldn’t wait to wear isย Minnanhui, designed by Minnan Hui who showed her first collection at CSM Graduation Fashion Show in 2013. Head to her website if you want to more know about her! If you want to check out her pieces and wear them, this is her profile on We.Ar The Walk.


“MINNANHUIโ€™s collection is a great combination of color and unique structure, hand drawing mix with digital vision made very interesting print design, 3D structures always make the garment different in each movement.”







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Lola Summer


Pink Valentino Bag

Hello little birds!

I ADDED ANOTHER JEWEL TO MY COLLECTION! This Valentino bag! I don’t think it is available in this pink anymore and I LOVE that because I will not see it everywhere this season! I am so happy these colors are so trendy right now, I have loads of items in them!

Valentino Bag

Since they launched the Rockstuds trend, I have been a big fan of Valentino accessories. I think Valentino’s has been one of the greatest reinventions we have seen in fashion in the last years and they managed to do it without loosing their character and personality. Great job from Pier Paolo Piccioli and Alessandra Facchinetti (currently Creative Director of Dior).

Do you remember that Zara blue coat that I showed you a couple of months ago?! As I predicted I have not stopped wearing it since the weather got better, Zara really knows how to do it sometimes! I can’t find this coat on the website anymore, but I have found a yellow one that I think might be my next purchase! I am so into these type of colors this season! Check it out here and let me know what you think!

The rest of the outfit is also from Zara. I know guys! A lot of Zara in my outfits! But they are so good!

Lara 1

Lara 3

Lara 2

The shoes are a couple of years old, but they still look great and the metallic trend is still very much with us so what I great purchase I did!


And that is all from me for now guys! Stay tuned as I am preparing a lot of interesting content for you!

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See you soon little birds! XOXO

Lola Summer

Lara 4

All my outfits for London Fashion Week

Yes I know! London Fashion Week was over 1 month ago but I haven’t had time to write about my outfits for the fashion shows since then and I wanted to share more with you so badly! I really enjoyed but it was very tiring, and after what is going on in my personal life I needed a rest! But I am back and I am rested! ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s dive in my outfits! I can’t wait to read your comments guys!


Albert Kriemler’s brand is the dream of any understated luxury lover. The focus on the quality of the materials make the feeling of the fabrics unique. You won’t want to take the clothes off! This suit is made of silk, and is so light that is perfect for Spring and Summer. And the colors… Please check the collection out because you won’t be dissapointed.




Yves Salomon & Malo

I love jumpsuits! This one is from the Italian brand Malo and it is made of a super comfortable wool! The mink jacket is from Yves Salomon Spring/Summer collection. Who said that fur is only for Winter? Check their collection out to see how fur and Spring are not enemies!


YvesSalomon 1

Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi is one of my London Fashion Week favourites. I love the feminity of his dresses, the way the suit my body and the shapes he uses. They all have that touch that makes them different and stylish, but at the same time appropiate for so many real life events without having to leave that crazy fashionista we all have inside at home.


AntonioBerardi 1



Roksanda has become one of the most important designers from London Fashion Week. She is a celebrity favourite and her designs are supper feminine and magestic. I love how she plays with colors and shapes. Her collections are super modern! This dress was an exclusive for Harrods and I was so glad I got it! I received so many complements!

Roksanda 1



What do you guys think of my outfits? What is your favourite? I would love to read your comments!

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See you soon little birds! XOXO

Lola Summer